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Adjunct Faculty & Research Associates

  • Ethan Gahtan

    Ethan Gahtan

    Professor - Psychobiology

    Interests: Behavioral neuroscience; neurophysiology; neurological disease models in zebrafish

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  • Pedro Peloso

    Pedro Peloso, Ph.D.

    Research Associate

    Interests:  Systematics and evolution of amphibians and squamate reptiles. Science communication and conservation biology.

  • Karen Reiss

    Karen Reiss

    Adjunct Professor- Zoology

    Interests: Genetic, morphological, and behavioral diversification of Pacific Northwestern chipmunks

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  • Eve Robinson

    Adjunct Professor - Zoology

    Interests: Biomechanics, marine ecology, larval fish, fluid dynamics, MPAs, bio-physical predator-prey interactions, plankton, ecological modeling

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  • Joe Tybruczy

    Joe Tyburczy Ph.D.

    * Graduate Faculty

    Adjunct Professor-Marine Biology

    Joe Tyburczy is an adjunct at Humboldt and also California Sea Grant Extension’s northernmost Specialist.

  • Rick Zechman

    Rick Zechman Ph.D.

    Assoc. Dean, CNRS


Emeritus Faculty