Paul Bourdeau Ph.D. - Graduate Coordinator

Assoc. Professor - Marine Biology & Ecology

Paul Bourdeau kneeling on a large rock with bright blue background
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SciB 234

Paul was born and raised in southeastern Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. He got his undergraduate and master's degrees in Biology and Marine Biology, respectively, at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a PhD in Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook University. After a four-year post-doc in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University, he began teaching at Humboldt in 2014.

Specialty Area

How marine organisms respond to environmental change brought about by human activities, such as the introduction of non-native species and climate change.


BS (1997) University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Biology
MS (1999) University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Marine Biology
PhD (2009) Stony Brook University, Ecology and Evolution

Courses Taught

Marine Biology (BIOL 255)
Invertebrate Zoology (ZOOL 314)


How marine organisms respond to environmental change brought about by human activities, such as the introduction of non-native species and climate change.

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Graduate Students

Current: Rose Harman, Bailey McCann, Sandra Traverso, Jake Vargas

Former Students:
Andrea Fieber, Wesley Hull, Angela Jones, Tharadet Man,Lily McIntire, Timothy McClure, Kindall Murie, Johnny Roche, Tayler Tharaldson