Pre-Professional Health Programs (non-major)

Several of Humboldt’s undergraduate programs in the biological and physical sciences prepare students to meet admissions requirements for health science professional schools.. Although students may choose any major (in consultation with an advisor), students interested in these career paths often choose to major in Biology (Molecular-Cellular or General Biology concentrations) or Zoology because their degree requirements have the most overlap with professional school admission requirements.


The requirements for admission listed here are typical for health science and related professional schools. Additional information can be found on admissions websites hosted by the Association for American Medical Colleges, The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, the American Dental Education Association and the Pharmacy College Application Service. Consult pre-professional advisors and contact individual professional schools for specific requirements.

  • General education courses and other requirements for the general biology major. (To demonstrate a well-rounded background, the HIST 104-105 sequence is recommended.)
  • Biology: BIOL 105, BIOL 340; ZOOL 110, ZOOL 310 (for pre-veterinary) or ZOOL 312 (for health sciences).
  • Chemistry: CHEM 109, CHEM 110; CHEM 324/324L, CHEM 325/325L. Some schools may require CHEM 438 or the 434-435 series. Start the CHEM 109-110 sequence as soon as possible.
  • Mathematics: MATH 105 or MATH109, MATH 110. The amount of calculus required by professional schools varies, but a full year is highly recommended. Start the mathematics sequence in the freshman year, because physics and chemistry courses have mathematics prerequisites. PreMed and Pre–veterinary students should take STAT 109
  • Physics: PHYX 106, PHYX 107 sequence or PHYX 109, PHYX 210, PHYX 211.
  • Zoology: ZOOL 270 is strongly recommended for pre-medical students.
  • Other courses may be required to prepare adequately for appropriate aptitude examinations.

Pre-professional students should work closely with the appropriate pre-professional advisor, as listed below.