Roxann Schroeder Ph.D.

Lecturer - Biology

Roxann Schroeder
(707) 826-4167
SciA 355C

I grew up in Wisconsin and got my BS in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin Madison, followed by a MS in biology from the University of Houston (TX) and a PhD from Stony Brook University (NY).

Specialty Area

Cell biology and human genetics


PhD, 1996, Stony Brook University
MS, 1988, University of Houston
BS, 1983, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Courses Taught

BIOL 304 - Human Genetics
BIOL 410 - Cell Biology (lab)
BIOL 105 - Principles of Biology
BIOL 102L - Human Biology Lab
ESM 435 - Grant Proposal Writing


I am interested in how cells and genes work to influence our health, especially rare diseases and connective tissue disorders. I am committed to improving the experiences of first generation students in STEM and making online courses more engaging and accessible for all students.



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