Mihai Tomescu Ph.D.

Professor - Botany

Mihai Tomescu Ph.D.
(707) 826-3229
SciA 360

Mihai grew up in Romania, where he went to college in Bucharest for a geology degree, then moved to the US for his doctoral degree in plant biology.

Specialty Area

Plant evo-devo at the intersection of comparative morphology, developmental anatomy, and the fossil record


MSc (1993) University of Bucharest, Romania
PhD (2004) Ohio University (Athens)

Courses Taught

BOT 105 General Botany
BOT 322/522 Developmental Plant Anatomy
BOT 372/572 Evolutionary Plant Morphology
BOT 521 Paleobotany


My lab group includes undergraduate and graduate students who seek a deeper understanding of plant biology and work to develop expertise in scientific research and the dissemination of its results. We study the plant fossil record, comparative morphology, and developmental anatomy to understand the evolution of plant form, patterns of plant diversity through time and plant phylogeny.

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