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Scholarships & Awards For the 2022/2023 Academic Year

Scholarships administered by the Department of Biological Sciences, Cal Poly Humboldt

Brusca Zoology Scholarship

Purpose:  To honor Gary Brusca for his many years of inspiring student interest in Invertebrate Zoology. Presented annually to graduate students in their 1st or 2nd year at Humboldt with an exceptional interest and promise in field and/or laboratory studies of Invertebrate Zoology. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding. Deadline: March 1

Dennis K. Walker Botany Award

Purpose: Recognition of the outstanding undergraduate botany student in each year's graduating class. Selection by the Botanical Awards Committee is based primarily on academic excellence. Final recipient selection made in early spring by the Botanical Awards CommitteeDeadline: None; faculty nominations only

Ferguson Family Research Fund

The Ferguson Family Research Fund is intended to provide mentorship to undergraduate students by graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences. Funds will be used to provide (1) stipends to undergraduate students while working on projects developed by graduate students and their faculty advisers, and (2) a limited amount of research supplies for the project. The goal of the fund is to enable undergraduate students to participate in a research environment, gaining valuable experience that can help them develop into practicing scientists. The hope is that a wide range of undergraduate students will participate in the program, and first-generation students are especially encouraged to apply.
Applications are initiated by graduate students and should include a project proposal that is approved by their major adviser (due date = Feb. 1). Undergraduate students will then apply to work on the projects that are funded (due date = TBA).

Fred and Margaret Telonicher Memorial Scholarship

Purpose:  Granted annually to a Cal Poly Humboldt undergraduate student in any concentration or major within the Department of Biological Sciences. Undergraduate students, in any stage of their college studies, are invited to apply.  The award shall be given exclusively on the basis of academic excellence. Deadline: April 1

F. R. Meredith Botany Scholarship

Purpose:  Each year the Botanical Awards Committee of the Department of Biological Sciences Department awards the Meredith Scholarship for academic excellence in Botany. Undergraduate student applicants must have at least two semesters remaining to complete the degree requirements for a BS in Botany at Humboldt. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on fundingNot Available 22-23 AY

Gregory Mark Jennings Botany Award

AnnouncementGuidelines and Application
Named in memory of Gregory Jennings, a graduate student of Humboldt (‘99 B.S. Botany, ’03 M.A. Biological Sciences). The purpose of this annual award is to promote the acknowledgment and dissemination of research in the field of botany. The annual award will support graduate students to travel for the purpose of presenting their research to a professional audience, or for expenses related to publishing their research. Eligible students are those pursuing a graduate degree in Biology, with a preference for those students with an area of research in botany. Final recipient selection will be made in early Spring by the Botanical Awards Committee. Selected recipient must submit an application to biosci@humboldt.eduDeadline: None; faculty nominations only

James Christian Scholarship

Purpose: Recognition of an outstanding student majoring in the biological sciences at Humboldt, preference given to a graduate student and based on financial need. Deadline: January 31

James F. Welsh Biology Scholarship

The James F. Welsh Biology Scholarship endowment will provide four scholarships of $2,500 - $3,000, depending on available funds, to be awarded early every fall semester. The Welsh Biology Scholarship supports students who intend to go to graduate school after obtaining their Bachelor's degree from Humboldt. The award is not intended for students planning on attending professional schools such as medical, pharmacy or veterinary school. To be eligible for the award, you must meet the following application criteria: 1) you must currently be classified as having senior class standing (90 or more completed units); 2) you must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher; and 3) you must intend to pursue graduate education in some area of the biological sciences. Faculty will nominate eligible students based on the above criteria.  Not available 22-23 AY

Master's Student Grant

Announcement & Application 
The Master’s Student Grant award is made possible by the Department of Biological Sciences at Cal Poly Humboldt.  Funds are distributed to graduate students through one grant allocation per year, which is administered by the Master’s Student Grant Program Committee. Please submit your application to Deadline: March 15

Michael B. Smeaton Biology Scholarship

Purpose: Provide one annual scholarship to a Biology undergraduate student majoring in the Cellular/Molecular concentration. Must have at least a sophomore standing when receiving funds and have a financial need. Preference will be given to students planning to enter the medical field or graduate school. Deadline: April 1

Milton J. Boyd Teaching Associate Award

Purpose: The Milton J. Boyd Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate Award in Biological Sciences is intended to recognize outstanding first year graduate students in the Biological Sciences, who have served the department as a Teaching Associate through exemplary performance to enhance academic instruction in the classroom, laboratory, or field experience at Cal Poly Humboldt. Selection will be made by faculty nomination. Deadline: None; faculty nominations only

Moonstone Crossing Award

Cancer Research Assistantship Application
This award will support up to two Humboldt undergraduate and/or graduate students to do a cancer related BIOL 499 research project in the laboratory of Dr. Amy Sprowles during the Spring '23 semester. Two awards will be given, in varying amounts. One award will be for students from backgrounds typically underrepresented in the field of biomedical research such as low income, first generation college student, or underrepresented cultural groups. Applicants must complete the application form and submit via email to: Deadline: November 30

Rumble Award for Excellence in Botany

Purpose: Recognition of an outstanding graduate botany student. Selection by the Botanical Awards Committee is based primarily on academic excellence. Final recipient selection made in early Spring by the Botanical Awards CommitteeDeadline: None; faculty nominations only

Siering/Wilson Undergraduate Research Endowment

We are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the Siering/Wilson Research Endowment, a program designed to fund undergraduate research activities in the broad disciplines of Microbial Ecology and Environmental Microbiology. Proposals from undergraduate students (freshman to seniors) in ALL departments within the College of Natural Resources (CNRS) at Cal Poly Humboldt will be considered. Projects may be theoretical, investigative, hypothesis-driven, or applied in focus. Since most questions related to the field of microbial ecology are interdisciplinary in nature, projects that involve collaborations among faculty mentors with different disciplinary expertise will be given preference. We anticipate multiple grants of $500-$1000 will be awarded to support projects to be conducted in the Spring, Summer and/or Fall of each year. Funds may be used for research supplies and services (e.g. DNA sequencing, environmental analysis), but may not be used for travel. How to submit proposals: All application materials need to be combined into a single PDF (details forthcoming) that is emailed to Dr. Mark Wilson, by the deadline with the email subject heading: "Research Endowment Application". Any questions regarding this funding opportunity can be directed to Dr. Wilson at the above email address. Award recipients will be notified by email. Deadline extended to December 7, 2022. Link to application

Sterling J. Sam Botany Award

Purpose: To provide underrepresented students a chance at earning a botany degree, so they can make a positive impact on the community and commitment to the botanical profession. All qualified students are encouraged to apply, including those who belong to one of a number of campus clubs focused on underrepresented students, individuals with a disability, Native Americans, and/or students who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. It is based primarily on academic experience, but field and/or research experience will also be considered. Qualifying Botany seniors and graduate students are invited to apply. Selection will be made by the Botanical Awards Committee. Deadline extended to: April 1

Summer Research Award, Department of Biological Sciences

Announcement and Application

The Department of Biological Sciences Summer Research Award will support at least two lower-division Biology, Botany or Zoology undergraduates. Students will be hired as student research students in the summer. Based on their academic and research interests, each will be paired with an Humboldt faculty member who will mentor them through a summer research project. In addition, the summer student will be partnered with one of our Biological Sciences staff members responsible for supporting research facilities. The research students will present their summer work at a new Biological Sciences Department Research Open House at the beginning of the fall semester. Applicants must complete the application form and submit via email to: 

Vera Woolford Scholarship

Purpose: Provide scholarships for worthy students at Cal Poly Humboldt who are interested in and who are pursuing study of the medical sciences. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding. Deadline: January 31

William Brueske Award for Outstanding Biological Photography, Microtechnique/histology, and/or Microscopy

This  $200 award is to be awarded to the most outstanding undergraduate senior or graduate student in the fields of biological photography, microtechnique/histology, and/or microscopy. The student may have a concentration in zoology, biology, or botany, but preference is to be given to those in botany in the event of equally outstanding students being considered.
Biological photography should focus on close-up, macrophotography, macro bellows, and/or photomicrography. Medical photography, biomedical, landscape, general photography, or work using stacking software do not qualify.
Microtechnique/histology must include fixation, infiltration in paraffin or plastic, sectioning, mounting, and staining. Macerations, clearings, fresh mounts, fossil peels, freehand sectioning, and sectioning from a freezing microtome do not qualify.
Microscopy may include light microscopy (transmitted, oblique or epi-illumination), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Work done with stereo (dissecting microscope) microscopy, metrology microscopy, hand-lens, or stacking software do not qualify.
Apply by March 15, using this Google Form:


Scholarships administered by other departments at Cal Poly Humboldt

Ballard Scholarship

The Ballard scholarship is awarded to students on the basis of financial need. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding. One scholarship awarded to a Biology student and one scholarship is open to any major.

Ernest P. Fusi Scholarship in Natural Resources

Purpose:  Scholarship to honor Ernest P. Fusi to promote the interests in furthering the education of full time CNRS students in the areas of natural resources. Must maintain a 2.5 GPA and demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding.

The Fusi and Dusi Scholarship

The Fusi and Dusi scholarship is awarded to a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in natural resources majors who have completed at least two courses taught bv natural resources facultv in the eligible majors at Humboldt, have at least two semesters of course work vet to be completed at Humboldt, academic achievement with a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5 (Humboldt & transfer courses if applicable), as determined by the FAFSA. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding.

Gary Estenson Memorial Scholarship

Purpose: Undergraduate students who are majoring in Marine Biology or Fisheries Biology. Must have at least a 3.00 GPA and financial need. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding.

L. O. McDuff Scholarship

Purpose:  Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student majoring in Fisheries Biology, Marine Biology or Environmental Science: Ecological Restoration, with GPA of at least 3.0, demonstrated financial need, with preference given to students within minimal or no support from parents. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding. 

Malcolm Oliphant Scholarships in Marine Science

Purpose:  Awarded on the basis of excellence, as judged by the Awards Committee. Work in progress at the Telonicher Marine Laboratory, Trinidad, will be one factor considered in the award of the scholarships. Students working on projects at the Marine Laboratory or working on marine science projects elsewhere that have implications for marine organisms are encouraged to apply. Academic promise will be demonstrated by scholastic achievement in at least two consecutive semesters of enrollment at Humboldt and by letters provided by two faculty members familiar with the academic achievements of the applicant. Potential or promise for a productive career in some aspect of marine science will be considered. Graduate or undergraduate students must have at least two semesters remaining to complete degree requirements for graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree or a Master’s degree. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding.

Scholarships Administered by the Humboldt Area Foundation and Other Entities

Manual C. Kaster Scholarship

The Manual C. Kaster Scholarship Fund, a fund of Humboldt Area Foundation, is accepting applications now! Students must be in their last two years of the Zoology and Biology with an emphasis in ecology/biodiversity, environmental biology, general biology marine biology, or microbiology major and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. All things being equal, financial need will be taken into consideration. Students can re-apply. No preference given to previous recipients. Apply for this scholarship and many others at  Call Craig Woods, Program Coordinator, for deadline and/or questions, 707-267-9913