Biology Seminar

A quasi-weekly research seminar series with national and international participation hosted by the Department of Biological Sciences and the Biology Graduate Student Association

Fall Semester 2022

Fridays, at 4:00 PM, (some will be on zoom; others will be in-person (IP)
Zoom meet IDs and passwords: Email the Biology Graduate Student Association at
Rooms for in-person seminars:  Science B, Room 135

Full Semester Seminar Schedule

Aug 26    Pedro Peloso


SciB 135

Science, art, and education: discovering and protecting species in Tropical Rainforests

Sep 9    Alana Chin

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Switzerland


ZoomThe impact of water availability on the structure and physiology of leaves and twigs - results from 18 years of conifer forest irrigation

Sep 16    Ashley Heers

California State University, Los Angeles

ZoomBuilding a Bird:  Locomotor Ontogeny and the Evolution of Avian Flight

Sep 23    Jennifer Hill

University of Utah & HSU Alum


SciB 135

Mining the neonatal microbiota to combat diabetes

Sep 30 Nate Sanders

University of Michigan


SciB 135

Studying biodiversity in a changing world from m2 quadrats to macroecological patterns, mostly with ants, but occasionally with plants

Oct 7   Peter Kennedy

University of Minnesota

ZoomCarbon cycling in forest soils:  Where do fungi fit in?

Oct 14   Merly Escalona

University of California Santa Cruz


SciB 135

Gotta assemble 'em all:  How to help save California's biodiversity

Oct 21 Matt Friedman

University of Michigan

ZoomThe age of fishes

Oct 28   Paul Orwin

University of the Pacific

ZoomMore questions than answers:  using genomics and transcriptomics to understand biofilm formation in Variovorax

Nov 4   Kelly Matsunaga

University of Kansas


SciB 135

Homology and heterochrony in the evolution of conifer reproduction

Dec 2 Bruce McCune

Oregon State University


SciB 135

Ships in the night on a sea of biodiversity
iNaturalist, herbaria , GenBank, keys, and probabilities

Dec 9  Christian Brown

University of South Florida


SciB 135

Adapting to canopy life: how lungless salamanders jump, glide, and generate lift