Julie Van Sickle

Assistant Director Redwood Science Project

Julie Van Sickle
(707) 826-5552
SA 358 | NHM

I enjoy working with learners of all ages in a variety of settings.  This interest led me to getting a teaching credential and teaching gifted education at the elementary school level as well as to work with adult learners through university courses and professional development and trainings. 

I am the Co-Director of the Redwood Science Project housed in the Science and Mathematics Center for Teaching and Learning at Humboldt.  In my role as Co-Director of the Redwood Science Project I manage the Humboldt Natural History Museum as well as develop and coordinate programs, write grants and, conduct research and evaluation.  My primary research interests focus on teaching and learning and looking at the impact of teacher professional learning communities on students in the classroom.   

I enjoy working with the students in the grant writing course to develop their ideas on implementing a divers array of programs, projects and research.  Throughout the course students further develop their ideas and learn to present them to a potential funder through clear, concise, targeted writing. 

Specialty Area

Science Education, Teacher Training, Professional Learning Communities, Formal and Informal Education


B.A. Liberal Studies Elementary Education, Humboldt State University
Elementary Education Teaching Credential, emphasis in English and Social Science, Humboldt State University
M.A. Education – Curriculum and Instruction, emphasis in Science Education, Humboldt State University.

Courses Taught

ESM 435 Grant Proposal Writing
OCN 370. Library Research & Report Writing Seminar
EED 755 Student Teacher Supervision, Elementary Education


Teacher Professional Learning Communities, Academic Literacy


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Grady, K., P.Lane, J. White, A. Ososki, and J. Van Sickle.  (2009)  You Talk About It and You Learn Better: Teachers and Students Reflecting on Academic Literacy. National Reading Conference Proceedings 2009

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White, J., A. Ososki, S. Morago, & J. Van Sickle.  (2007)  Factors Affecting Science Undergraduates Choice of Teaching as a Career.  Redwood Science Project Report. Presented at the California Science Education Summit - 2007.