Meet our Alumni

Class of 2018 | Biology Major

Casiana Gonzalez

Graduate Student Researcher

University of California, Davis

Class of 2014 | Biology Major

Samantha Shelton

Scientist, Virology

PureTech Health

Class of 2013 | Biology Major

Mark Murray

Senior Saltwater Aquarist

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Class of 2003 | Biology Major

Michael J. Boyle

Biologist. (PhD 2010, University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Smithsonian Institution

Class of 2018 | Biology Major

Vannia Peña

Public Health Laboratory Assistant II

Humboldt County

Class of 2015 | Biology Major

Luis Cruz

PhD Candidate & Instructor/Teaching Assistant

San Diego State University

Class of 2017 | Biology Major

Abigail Petersen

Medical Student

United States Air Force

Class of 2012 | Biology Major

Simona Augyte

Research Manager

Ocean Era

Class of 2010 | Botany Major

Jessie Uehling

Assistant Professor of Fungal Biology

Oregon State University

Class of 2012 | Botany Major

Kelly Matsunaga

Assistant Professor and Curator

University of Kansas

Class of 2016 | Botany Major

Emma Fryer

Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Master's Student

California Polytechnic State University

Class of 2014 | Biology Major

Michael Lopez-Torres

Life science research professional

Class of 2010 | Botany Major

Paul CaraDonna

Conservation Scientist & Assistant Professor

Chicago Botanic Garden

Class of 2020 | Botany Major

Arthur Grupe

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Alisha Quandt, Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado Boulder

Class of 2015 | Biology Major

Melissa DeSiervo

Postdoctoral associate

University of Wyoming

Class of 2006 | Botany Major

Lucy Kerhoulas

Assistant Professor of Forest Physiology

HSU Department of Forestry & Wildland Resources