Dennis K. Walker Greenhouse

The Dennis K. Walker Greenhouse at Cal Poly Humboldt has the largest botanical collection in the California State University System. Opened in 1982, the greenhouse consists of 11,500 square feet of instructional display space and supporting facilities. The collection contains over 1,000 species of plants in 187 families.

The Greenhouse serves as a resource for faculty and students in the Department of Biological Sciences. The facility provides faculty access to live materials essential to the study and teaching of Botany and Biological Sciences.

The facility is open during the academic year only. Beginning August 23rd, 2022, the greenhouse will be open Tuesday through Friday from 10am-2pm.  The greenhouse is closed for holidays, weekends and breaks.  

Please note the following restrictions: No food, drinks, backpacks, flip flops or touching of the plants.  Children under age 8 are not permitted.  Service animals require authorization from Greenhouse Management prior to entering.  

Please contact Brianne Lee at for more information.

This is a working Greenhouse. Standing water and tripping hazards such as hoses may be present at any time. Care must be taken at all times. We advise that you do not enter areas that have just been watered or are currently being watered. It is best to assume that all areas of the Greenhouse present a potential slipping or tripping hazard, so please assure your footing before moving.

Facility Layout

Greenhouse layout

  • 180: Service Area
  • 181: Work Area
  • 182: Service Area
  • 183: Temperate Room
  • 184: Tropical Room
  • 185: Desert Room
  • 186: Fern Room
  • 187: Aquatic Room
  • 188Subtropical Dome


Brianne Lee - Greenhouse Manager
Andy Goldman - Assistant Greenhouse Manager

Botany Faculty

Terry Henkel
Erik Jules
Casey Lu - Emeritus
Michael Mesler - Emeritus
Frank Shaughnessy - Emeritus
James P. Smith - Emeritus
Mihai Tomescu
Oscar Vargas
Dennis Walker - Emeritus